Josh Fowler, DMD - Colorado

As a student of Dr. Justin Moody, I can wholeheartedly recommend that any practitioner who is interested in adding or developing the implant and restorative capabilities of his or her practice attend the trainings that Dr. Moody offers. Having attended the full range of courses that he offers, I cannot now imagine practicing without the skills that I developed under his tutelage. Cases that would have previously offered frustration, time spent organizing with specialists or consulting with other practitioners are now completed in house, as a seamless part of our daily routine, and in harmony with overall restorative treatment plans. Not only has my practice grown, but my confidence as a restorative dentist, a surgeon, and as a complete restorative dentist have grown immensely. Dr. Moody will make things that previously seemed complex and daunting feel approachable and doable. Since he is a practicing dentist himself, he understands the full nature of the setting in which we live and operate. This is invaluable, since many other trainers and mentors are primarily speakers and not primarily practitioners. In my practice, I saw a complete return on my investment within just a few months of beginning his courses, and placed my first implants in my office with confidence. I can honestly say that I have not taken any other course that has been as rewarding, both professionally as well as financially.

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